Birds are interactive objects seen in Icebreaker games. Ravens appear in the flash games while Crows were introduced in Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage.


Crows are interactive objects that appear in all the Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage.



Crow animation sprites

Crows are black, with a big and lighter beak. They're and a bit smaller than Vikings. They move their wings up and down, like common crows.

Game information

Crows are usually found in levels grabbing ropes or set pieces. In some cases, they're useful for the player or even needed to complete the level, because they lift the objects they're attached to.


Ravens are interactive objects that only appear in the Flash Icebreaker games.


Crows are dark grey that are lighter than the crows' feathers, they have a curved beak, and have red eyes. They're smaller than the crows and have messy feathers.

Game information

Similar to crows, they are found in levels attached to ropes used for lifting various things in the Icebreaker flash games.


  • On level 23 of Ice Breaker: The Gathering level 23, Ravens can kill Vikings on contact. This is the only occurrence in the entire Icebreaker series of Ravens doing this.