This article is about Birds from Sky Serpents. For Birds from other games, please see Birds.

Bird serpent
Bird Serpent
Level 5
Attack(s) Firing electric spheres
Abilities Concealing weak points
Weak spots Three
Spot health
1st: 4-5 blows
2nd: 8-11 blows
3rd: 7-9 blows
Colour Yellow/gold

The bird serpent is the sixth sky serpent encountered in the game Sky Serpents.


The bird serpent is a short, yellow sky serpent with a bird head and feathers attached to its body. It also appears to have an orange beak and two black eyes.

Bird serpent

The entire bird serpent

Game information

The bird serpent moves very fast, but makes up for its speediness with a small amount of weak points: three. Due to its speediness, falling off is a problem in this level. Although it has three weak points, which are all exposed at the start of the level, it can cover them up at its will unpredictably, but at certain times all the time, will either have them closed or open.

It will also fire electric balls every time a weak point is killed, electric balls that can harm and home in on the player. It, along with being speedy, is short, and opens many possibilities to fall off or somehow get inured.


The bird can fire electric balls out of holes on its bodies. These balls can harm the player, and are shot out three to four at a time. Along with being able to harm the player and going through the segments of the serpent, they will try to home in on the player.


For the first time in the game, the plating on a weak point the player is hitting will sometimes slide down, blocking the players stabs. Although the plating will slide up and down unpredictably, the plating covering the first weak point will slide open when the bird is making long stretches upwards.

Weak points

It has three weak points, each taking different amount of blows to destroy. The 1st weak point takes four to five blows to destroy, while the second takes eight to eleven, and the third takes seven to nine blows to kill. The plating on a segment will open after a weak point has been killed.


  • Because of the speed of the serpent, sometimes when the player is stabbing up to hit the weak point, they may be going down, but they for a short moment they will still be stabbing up if they are pressing the space bar.

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