This article is about birds from Thin Ice. For birds from other games, please see Birds.

Bird monsters
Bird monster
The three variations of bird monsters. Adult (far left), youth (middle) and baby (far right)
Attack Dangerous to touch
Abilities Multiplies once it falls into the water
Health Each bird dies when sunk once, only to produce two of the class of bird lower in its line (except for the baby bird, which does not produce any other bird when sunk)
Game(s) Thin Ice

Bird monsters are enemies that appear only in the game Thin Ice. They possess the ability to replicate once killed, until they get to there smallest form (the baby bird).


Bird monsters appear have a furry indigo body, with a beak and two yellow eyes poking out. Below there body are two orange legs, and there are two white horns on either side of the head.

There are three variations of the bird monster, adult birds (on the far left of the picture), the youth birds (middle); smaller than the adult bird, and baby birds; the smallest of the birds. Each variation is a smaller version of the adult bird monster

Game information

Thin Ice

Bird monsters are hard to kill enemies, due to there vast number to sink and the low time limit given to kill them all. There are three variations of bird monsters: adult bird monsters, youth bird monsters, and baby bird monsters. Each have to be sunk once to be killed.

When a bird monster is sunk once, it will produce another bird monster, lower down in its line than it. The exception for this rule is baby bird monster, which does not produce anything when sunk. Once a youth/adult bird monster is sunk, two bird monsters farther down its line will leap out of the water.

Bird monsters do not need to have a loop made around them when moving for them to be sunk, they will be sunk even when moving into a pool of water. Bird monsters are first encountered on level seventeen, where many of them in one of the three different variations are encountered.

Adult bird monsters

Adult bird monster are the highest up in the line, and move fast. When killed, it produces two youth bird monsters. Usually four adult bird monsters are present at the start of a level.

Youth bird monsters

Youth bird monsters are in the middle of their line, being slower than the adult bird monster, and being easier to trap due to this weakness. A sunk youth bird monster will produce two other bird monsters, this one being the baby bird monsters.

Baby bird monsters

Baby bird monsters are the lowest in its line, being the smallest of all the bird monsters and the weakest. They move a bit faster than youth bird monsters, likely due to weighting less. Baby bird monsters do not produce anything once killed.

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