This article is about a bird from Ice Beak. For a bird from other games, please see Birds.

The bird is the main character of the game Ice Beak.


The bird in Ice Beak is made of of several shades of blue. The bird seems to be a penguin by the icon, but appears to look like a chicken in-game. It has an orange beak and orange feet.

Game information

The bird is the main character of the game Ice Beak. The bird has the ability to fire snowballs from its mouth. It can also radiate waves of snow and ice after eating a big snowflake. These abilities allow the bird to kill enemies and freeze hazards.

Upon coming into contact with a hazard or enemy, the bird will immediately freeze, petrified. It will then turn into grey stone and crumble away, dying.

Penguin 1

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The bird was tasked with defeating the fire beast. The bird managed to defeat the fire beast in the end and therefore allowed everyone to go skiing.
Ice Beak - Ending

Ice Beak - Ending

The ending of Ice Beak



  • A high resolution version of the bird appears in the avatar of the bird and in the icon of Ice Beak.