ST Billy Fat
Fat Billy.
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Health Contact with hazards stuns him, falling off treadmill initiates a game over, cannot be killed
Level(s) All
Status Alive, thin
Game(s) Super Treadmill

Billy is the main character in the game Super Treadmill. He is an overweight kid who is being coached by his Uncle Rico to be thin and feel good about himself[1].


Billy has brown hair, and wears a blue headband around his forehead. He wears a blue shirt, a dark blue belt, and brown shoes.


His weight changes along with the meter in the upper side of the screen. He has five "weights" along the level, which vary from fat to thin, depending of what part of the level the player's in.

Game Information


Billy is a kid who is obsessed with eating, who can't control himself. When his Uncle Rico finds him overweight and eating, he inspires Billy to get his fat down so Rico can take a photo of Billy and send the photo off to a "contest".

He trains Billy on his highly dangerous Super Treadmill to get his weight down, but every time a level is completed, Billy gets nervous, which makes him hungry, and eats more food, getting extremely fat again.

Eventually, Billy begins to lose interest in using Super Treadmill and entering the "contest", as he's come to accept being fat and would rather eat healthy and exercise if he needs to lose weight. Nonetheless, Rico keeps forcing Billy back on the treadmill due to a vague bet he's involved in.

On the last day of Novtober, Uncle Rico will attack Billy to give him exercise, and Billy will manage to defeat him.

One year later, Billy visits his Uncle Rico, to tell him he is now thin, and learned to eat healthy and exercise. Uncle Rico is now fat, because the "contest" was actually a bet, where he should take a photo of Billy thin. As he (Uncle Rico) lose, he had to eat twenty times his weight. Billy then tells him to go exercising on his super treadmill, and he chases Uncle Rico to do it.

Super Treadmill - Ending01:39

Super Treadmill - Ending

The ending of Super Treadill

In game

Billy will start out fat at the beginning of the level, and as the player survives longer on the treadmill, he will slowly get thinner. This will substantially increase his jump height and speed. By the end of the level, Billy will be extremely thin. Billy can move left or right when the appropriate arrow key is pressed. Billy jumps when the up arrow key is pressed.

Billy, unlike most other Nitrome characters, does not have any health. Coming in contact with hazards and enemies will only stun Billy. When stunned, Billy ceases movement and cannot be controlled at all, until he snaps out of him being stunned. A game over is achieved if Billy falls of the treadmill.

Other appearances



  • Billy bears a striking resemblance to the bearded man man from Enemy 585. Both of them wear blue, have brown hair, and have the same coloured shoes. Coincidentally, Super Treadmill was released on ten days after Enemy 585 was. It is probably just a coincidence, but it is not known if Enemy 585 and Super Treadmill have any connection.


  1. Stated in the introduction of Super Treadmill and during the cutscenes before levels.

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