Big red star
Sun nebula
Gender Male
Species Sun
Faction Good
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Nebula

The big red star is the father of the new born sun and a character in the game Nebula.


The big red star has two yellow eyes, a large dark orange mustache that covers his mouth, and two dark orange eyebrows above his eyes. He has a round misty orange body with two orange wing like objects sticking out from the top of either side of him; he has a purple glow around his orange body.

Game information

The big red star appears on all levels of Nebula, usually at the start of every level. The big red star acts as a mentor for the new born sun as he tells information about enemies, hazards, and interactive objects. If the new born sun touches a certain pick up, called the Big Daddy bomb, the big red star will appear and wipe out all enemies in a certain area.


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