This article is about squids from Canary. For squids from other games, please see Squids.

Big propeller squids
Alien Squids
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moves vertically when Canary 214-LE does
Health Three seconds of exposure to laser
Points 250
Game(s) Canary

Big propeller squids are enemies in the game Canary.


Big propeller squids have a pink propeller on the top of their heads. Underneath the propeller is a up side down pink heart that is the squids head. Beneath that head is the the squids three blue eyes and its purple body. Underneath those eyes is the squids pink mouth and at the bottom of its body is four small legs.

Game information

Big propeller squids will adjust their movements when Canary 214-LE moves so they are at the same vertical level as him. They can be destroyed with the laser, and are the first enemy introduced in the game. They also have a smaller counterpart, the mini propeller squids, which appears lesser times in Canary than this squid.


  • The propeller squid's head appears to be filled with purple gas, yet when killed, it does not release any.

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