This article is about cats from Fat Cat. For cats from other games, please see Cats.

Big cat
Cat Ship
Gender Unknown, possibly female
Species Cat (Possibly half robot)
Faction Good
Health NPC
Level(s) Introduction,
Status Alive
Game(s) Fat Cat

The big cat is a side character in the game Fat Cat, making its only appearances on the menu screen, the first level,

and at the end of the game.


The big cat appears as a large purple feline with a purple mouth, purple eyes and ears, pink whiskers, and a pink tongue. It also has a pink belly (where her supposed children are lying) and two large purple arms. Instead of legs, the big cat has a large blue rocket engine and four blue thrusters, which propel her and her children. The thrusters have bright orange and yellow flames coming out of them. She also has many blue wing-like structures surrounding her, with red stripes on them.

Game information

The big cat is first seen on the menu of Fat Cat. On level one, the player also sees it. The big cat is seen with four cats in different positions, when one of the cats (the player) falls off while the enormous cat is moving.

It is possible that the big cat is the mother of the cat in Fat Cat, and that one of the four cats on its belly wandered off during her travels.

Fat Cat4

The second screen of the ending

The big cat, which is a bigger version of the main character's cat in the game, also appears at the ending screen, as the cat and the owl have a picnic on its belly.

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