This article is about blocks from Headcase. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Big blue blocks
A big blue block
Attack Crushing Norman Noggin
Damage Death
Game(s) Headcase

Big blue blocks are hazards and obstacles in the game Headcase.


Big blue blocks have a blue body, with small stubby legs on the bottom edges of the block, along with the same sized arms on the sides of the block, although the arms are closer to the bottom of the block.

Big blue blocks have a long mouth stretching from one side of there body to the other, and little dark blue eyes above the mouth, along with small ears on the top edges of there body.

Game information

Big blue blocks are blue happy blocks that have the ability to move vertically or horizontally, but not both. All big blue blocks have different shapes and sizes, some can appear rectangular or square. Big blue blocks appear in numbers in levels, and can be used as platforms for Norman Noggin. Norman Noggin can also jump from the blocks if he likes, but if Noggin is standing on one side of the block and that side moves into a wall, a wall too small for his body (or another big blue block), Noggin will die.

It is not known if big blue blocks are living organisms, robotic, or cyborg. Big blue blocks appear constantly happy, never changing there expression. A variation of the big blue blocks, spiky blocks, has the face of a blue block, but can release spikes.

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