This article is about chains from Hot Air series. For chains from other games, please see Chains.

Big ball on chain
Ball on Chain
Attack Rotating (HA2 & MM)
Abilities None
Level HA2 - 11: Ball and Chain
Game(s) Hot Air 2, Balloon (Mega Mash)

The big ball on chain is an enemy in Hot Air 2 as well as appears in the Balloon segments of Mega Mash. It is a giant ball on a chain fastened to the ground in Hot Air 2, and a small ball on chain in Mega Mash.


Hot Air 2

The big ball on chain has red cheeks, a mouth slightly opened, eyebrows and two teeth. It is stuck to a chain with twelve small rings.

Mega Mash

A ball on chain in Mega Mash has the appearance of several grey circles close to each other but not linked, all rotating around a grey block. The chain sphere located on the end of the chain has a face, with pink cheeks, a mouth, and eyes.

Game information

Hot Air 2

In Hot Air 2, the ball will follow the player's movement, making it hard for the player to pass the huge ball. The only way of passing it is to blow the Balloon past it really fast.

Mega Mash (Balloon)


The big ball on chain in a beta Balloon level of Mega Mash

Ball on chain is an enemy that appears in Balloon segments of Mega Mash. A ball on chain rotates clockwise, unlike the Hot Air 2 one which rotates to always have the giant sphere face the player.

They are indestructible, and one of two chains in Mega Mash. A ball on chain appears in a beta image of Balloon, an image previewed by Nitrome when they were announcing Mega Mash. The ball on chain that appeared in the release version of Mega Mash did not differ at all from the ball on chain in the beta image.