Berserker dark creatures
Beserker Dark Thing
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can knock away arrows;
Can shake the ground
Health 1 blow
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Berserker dark creatures are variation of dark creatures in the game Twin Shot 2.


A berserker dark creature is red and has large arms and hands. They have white eyes, short stubby legs, and an open mouth filled with teeth. They also appear to be sweating.

Game information

When a level begins, berserker dark creatures start off as basic dark creatures. When a dark creature is shot from behind, it will transform into the berserker dark creature.

A berserker dark creature has increased capabilities and attacks of a normal dark creature. A berserker dark creature can deflect arrows with its hands and can bang the floor, shaking the screen. Berserker dark creatures are also faster than a normal dark creature, making it hard to avoid. To kill a berserker dark creature, the angels have to shoot its back, which is its only weak spot, once.

In the evil levels of Twin Shot 2, dark creatures will transform into berserker dark creature if left alone for too long. To avoid causing a dark creature to transform into a berserker dark creature, the player should shoot basic dark creatures in the front instead of shooting them in the back.