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Attacks Fist smash, stone hurl
Abilities Spitting out skeletons
Level 3-4
Health 10 hits (bring the Behemoth's head down)

25 hits (eye health)

Game(s) Double Edged

The Behemoth is the sixth and final boss in Double Edged. He is fought at the end of the stage.


The Behemoth is a giant cyclops with a horn on his head and a blue scraggly beard. He is so big that only his head and hands can be seen. He seems to be crawling during the level.

Game information


When the Spartan enters the battle, the Behemoth will be trying to reach and eat the princess, who is position on a nearby bone. He is the last boss in the game, as well as the hardest boss in Double Edged. This boss attacks by frequently vomiting out skeletons.

These skeletons usually have no weapon, so they attack with their fists to harm the Spartan. The only way to attack the Behemoth is to first slice at his neck. Then, when his neck has been hurt enough, his head will droop down. The Spartan now has to jump and slice at his eye.

Press image 02

The battle as seen when playing the Nitrome Touchy version of Double Edged

After some time of having his head down, he will bring it back up, and the Spartan will have to repeat the steps over again. When all the Behemoth's health is depleted, he will fall down dead.


The Behemoth has three attacks. His first, which is his most frequent, is to vomit out skeletons to distract and harry the Spartan. The skeletons will often have no weapon, which can be fortunate for the player as this can reduce the damage the player incurs. Other times, a weaponless skeleton can be unfortunate, because if the player lacks a weapon, it is fortunate to gain another weapon.

Dead Behemoth

The Behemoth after dying

His second attack is to hit the ground with his fist and cause a boulder to fall. His third, which is a variation of the second, is to smash his fist on the ground.


  • If two or more players fight and kill the Behemoth, the Spartans will have to fight again until only one of them is alive, in order to view the ending.

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