This article is about beetles from Parasite. For beetles from other games, please see Beetles.

Lady Bug
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health One hit
Points One hundred
Game(s) Parasite

Beetles are enemies in the game Parasite.


Beetles are large and bear a similar appearance to ladybugs. They have a purple insect body and a hard magenta shell with purple dots. They have six purple legs and large grey wings.

Game information

Beetles are often found in large groups. A way to destroy beetles is to get in a out-of-order cannon, fire, then hit them with the acorn fired out of it (note: This will not destroy the acorn). They are first encountered in level eight of Parasite. Beetles can also be destroyed with attacking animals like the brute or gobber; they can also be crushed by crates dropped by winged cats.

Beetles cannot be enslaved due to their protective shell, and will fly around in groups in order to hinder the parasite and force him to use the two aforementioned ways to kill them. Mass amounts of them are encountered in some levels, much more than any other enemy found in the game.


  • The beetles have many things in common with space bees, such a being air enemies, flying, and looking similar.
  • Beetles appear to look more like ladybugs than beetles.

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