This article is about beetles from Canopy. For beetles from other games, please see Beetles.

Canopy Beetle
A Beetle
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Climbing branches
Health Invincible, can fall down
Game(s) Canopy

Beetles are common enemies in the game Canopy.


Beetles have a yellow shell that covers their entire body like armor. Their heads (being the only body part unprotected) are white in color. They have two magenta beady eyes and two tan pincers where their mouth should be. On each side of their body, they have a pair of tan, stubby legs. 

Game Information

Beetles climb up trees jumping off the top of the branch if it ends. If the player causes Canopy to shake a tree with much force, beetles may fall off it. Beetles are common enemies in Canopy, appearing on level one, four, seven, eleven, and other levels.

The Canopy will be harmed if it comes in contact with a beetle, and possibly lose its grip on whatever it is holding. The falling body of a beetle will not harm the player. Beetles climb up from the bottom of a branches, and will only climb up yellow and white coloured trees.
Canopy Beetle Jump

A beetle falling down


Many times are more than one beetle will crawl up a branch. Watch out for more beetles climbing below the player, and shake if necessary.


  • Beetles have eyes similar to Chiseler's.

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