This article is about beetles from Graveyard Shift. For beetles from other games, please see Beetles.

Beetle flies
Beetle fly
Attack Shooting slime balls
Abilities Flying
Health Gun(GS)Sword(GS)Grenade(GS) - One blow
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Beetle flies are enemies in the game Graveyard Shift.


Beetle flies have a head and a brown body. Their head has similar colours as their body and has green eyes, points up, and is hooked at the end. Their body consists of a few small round segments and has two white wings attached to the top and four dark brown legs attached to the bottom.

Game information

Beetle flies are one of two enemies capable of flight, either teleporting onto the screen or flying from the left side onto the screen. Beetle flies can fire a single slime ball quickly, but will usually only fire one. They are also capable of shooting a slime ball at the player even if only part of the beetle fly is on the screen. Beetle flies rarely are alone, coming on to the screen in packs to more easily kill the player, even though most beetle flies will not fire at the player. They are found commonly in areas without zombies.

Beetle flies are killed easily by being shot once, like zombies. In some early levels, two beetle flies may fly in the exact same spot so that the one behind the front beetle fly can be guaranteed a shot at the player.

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