This article is about bees from Fat Cat. For bees from other games, please see Bees.

Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Follows the cat
Health One touch from the owl
Game(s) Fat Cat

Bees are enemies in the game Fat Cat.


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Bees are normally yellow and black and they have light yellow wings and green eyes.

Game information

Similar to bullets, they are spawned out in great numbers from big green creatures as well as flower golems, chasing the cat and causing it to lose a life when they make contact. In order to protect the cat from such an enemy, the owl must touch the bees in order to instantly wipe them out, as bullets from other enemies and the owl itself, strangely, will not destroy bees.

Bees, however, can also be destroyed with the cat's megaburp or with lasers. When they hit a wall, they will also disappear. Bees are introduced on level 12.

On the last level of Fat Cat, the boss, known as King Shroom, spawns bees from one of his turrets as an attack to the cat, of which the owl must stay close to the cat in order to protect it from such an attack

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