Bearwear is the character selection menu found in Roller Polar

Game information

Players can purchase characters from Bearwear that serve only to aesthetically change the player's character. Each character has its own cries.

Name Price Appearance Sprite
Polar Bear Default Polar Bear is a bear with white fur. Rollercool
Kuala [sic] Bear 15 coins
Kuala Bear is pink koala bear with a black nose, white ears, a white muzzle and a light purple mouth.
Gummy Bear 40 coins
Gummy Bear is a gummy bear who randomly appears green, red, or yellow. Gummy Bear's colour changes every time it dies.
Teddy Bear 80 coins
Teddy Bear is a brown plushy with black eyes, a black nose, and a light brown mouth and muzzle.
Panda Bear 125 coins
Panda Bear is a panda with a white head and black eye surroundings and ears. It also has a white body with black paws.
Grizzly Bear 200 coins
Grizzly bear is crimson bear with huge white teeth.
Bare Bear 300 coins
Bare bear is bear without fur who wears white underpants with red circles.


  • The sound when unlocking a new character was originally used in Castle Corp when the player completed a level.

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