Bearded man
Bearded Man
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Level(s) Intro (6-4), Ending (1-1)
Status Alive
Game(s) Enemy 585

The bearded man is a non-playable character in the game Enemy 585.


The bearded man is seen wearing a light blue jumper with yellow lines. He also wears yellow shoes and a yellow whistle around his neck. He has a brown beard that is connected by his hair.

Game information


The bearded man ran through and beat six worlds to save the princess from the grasp of the king frog.

In the final level of the final world, the bearded man jumped through the level, stomping on enemies he met. Before entering the room for the final battle with king frog, he deliberately spared a certain henchman.

In the battle between him and king frog, he jumped over the frog king, and landed on a button that pulled in a bridge from underneath him, dropping him into the lava. The Princess and his guard dog were set free from their cages.

In the ending for Enemy 585,

the bearded man is seen cutting flowers with a lawnmower, earning one hundred points per flower.

With his lawn mower

Guard dog

The bearded man also has a companion by his side, a guard dog. One gold coin said the dog "was mean". The dog is a little white dog with ears, who "yip yipped" when happy.

In the ending for Enemy 585, the dog was seen running around. He ran across a button-collapsible bridge, then when seeing Enemy 585, ran back across it, and landed on the button that collapsed it.

Enemy 585 yelled out STOP for himself to stop, at the right moment that saved him from plummeting into the moat in front of him. This was accomplished without any help from Turner, who was trapped behind some blocks (Turner usually went in his way to stop him from walking of edges).

Main menu

In the main menu, the bearded man is seen jumping in front of a rainbow as a silhouette.

Other appearances

  • Ice Temple skin - The bearded man appears running from a parrot in an Indiana Jones type parody
  • Nitrome 2.0 skin - The bearded man appears riding a go-kart in a Mario Kart spoof
  • Facebook - The bearded man appears being kissed by the princess.



  • The bearded man represents Mario from the Mario series of video games.
  • The guard dog might represent a toad from the Mario series of video games since they are both extra characters who also get kidnapped to a castle.
  • The guard dog might be a Chihuahua because of the small body and the ears.
  • The bearded man resembles the flying man due to the heads of both characters' sprites having similar facial features.

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