Bear traps
Bear trap
Damage Instant death
Game(s) Blast RPG

Bear traps are hazards in the game Blast RPG.


Bear traps appear as two wooden planks with metal spikes, with a button on the top that will trigger the trap. The trap has chains nailed on the ground.

Game information

Bear trapped

The boy knight trapped

Bear traps are the first harmful objects in Blast RPG that can cause the boy knight to lose the level and cannot be killed or destroyed. Bear traps are immobile, and are placed rarely throughout the levels they appear in. If the boy knight is to land on one, they are seen with their body below their head caught between each arm of the bear trap, with the boy knight's head having a surprised expression. After touching one, the boy knight will immediately lose the level, regardless of how much life he has.

Bear traps are potentially the most dangerous object in Blast RPG, as they can kill the boy knight immediately regardless of how much health they have.

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