Beam with teeth
Beam with Teeth
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moves faster every few seconds
Level Hot Air - Level 11
Game(s) Hot Air

The beam with teeth is an enemy only appearing in the game Hot Air. It is a beam with teeth that increases in speed the longer it moves.


The beam with teeth appears as a stone beam with two red cheeks and a pair of black eyes between the cheeks. Along the right side of the beam are teeth.

Game information

At the start of level eleven of Hot Air, the beam will be behind the green pad. After at least thirty seconds, regardless of being away from the green pad, the beam will begin to move. The beam increases in velocity every few seconds, turning at edges.

The beam stretches from the ceiling to the floor of the platform it is located underneath. It is unavoidable, but does not pose much of a threat to the player as they will likely get to the red pad before the beam comes close to them. It will stop immediately when it reaches the end of the room.


  • A glitch can be exploited on level eleven to allow the player to safely bypass the beam with teeth. If the player blows down on Hot Air, without any movement, the beam will go completely through them, unharming them, going all the way through the level. The beam will eventually go through the entire level and stop at the end, giving the player the entire time to go through the level at their own speed.

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