This article is about bats from Twin Shot 2. For bats from other games, please see Bats.

Bat (Twin Shot) Stone Bat
A bat flying (left) and petrified (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying, turning to stone upon being shot
Health One hit
Points None
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Bats are enemies encountered only in level 100 (level 50 of the evil levels) of the game Twin Shot 2.


When they are not petrified, bats have a purple body with small feet, a large black mouth with a pink tongue, and red wings; they also have white, pointy teeth. When they are petrified, they will have a rock-like pattern to them.

Game information

Bats spawned out of the flying fire monster's mouth, and drift slowly around. They take one hit to kill and turn into a rock platform after. Their self-petrifying ability allows them to be used as platforms, which is needed for completion of the level. The angels will need to use the petrified bat platforms in order to jump up to the flying fire monster and shoot him. Players could consider using fire arrows when facing bats, as the fire arrows can petrify multiple bats in one shot.


  • These bats are similar to the ones from the Cave Chaos series, as they both help the player by making platforms.

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