This article is about bats from Turn-Undead. For bats from other games, please see Bats.

Bat nii-chan
Attack Ramming into the player
Abilities Staying in midair
Health 1 hit
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Bats are enemies in the game Turn-Undead.


Bats are entirely dark purple and posses a round body with pointed ears, two small red beady eyes, and two continually flapping wings on either side of the bat's body that are jagged on the bottom and almost as large as the bat itself.

Game information

Bats first appear on level 9 of Turn-Undead and are similar to skulls. Bats move in a set pattern indicated by dark purple nodes that is either in the shape of a box or a straight line. Bats can be used as platforms if the player jumps on top of a bats head otherwise contact with bats will kill the player. Bats can be killed by firing stakes at them whereupon the bat will remain stationary on the turn the stake hits them and their path will collapse.



  • Interestingly, bats and skulls behave exactly the same with the only difference between the two being that bats can be destroyed while skulls.

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