This article is about bats from Flightless. For bats from other games, please see Bat.

Bats are a type of enemy in Flightless.

General appearance

Bats typically have a small spherical body that is one shade of colour, have a mouth, and ears.

Blue bats

Health One hit to the head
Game(s) Flightless

Blue bats are flying enemies in Flightless.


Blue bats have turquiose, round bodies, and pointed wings attached to the side of their heads. Their two eyes are squished together, with two brown-red fangs poking out from underneath them. Below the fangs is a brown-red underbelly the same shade as the fangs. Above their eyes is a pair of tiny ears that just stick out of the head.

Game information

With their small wings, blue bats fly in the air, their bodies moving up and down as their wings flap. In some rooms, they will be seen flying back and forth in the horizontal direction. Contact with the bats from underneath or the sides by the duck will send the player back to the last position from where they entered the room.

Bats can be killed by shooting a ladder into them, sending them to the ceiling or ground. By jumping on their heads, bats can also be killed. Landing on a blue bat's head allows the duck to hop across areas where creating ladders may not be possible. Blue bats will respawn a second after being killed if there is a red gem in the room the duck is in as well.

Purple bats

Purple bats
Purple Bat 1
Attack Dive-bombing the player
Abilities Flying
Health One hit on the head or with a ladder
Game(s) Flightless

Purple bats are a variation of bat set to appear in the full version of Flightless.


Purple bats appear under the regular bat design, only that they are purple coloured. When on ceilings, they stand up and cover most of their body with their wings, intimidating their foes with their increased height.

Game information

Purple bats do not act like the anti-war blue bats, purple bats will attack the player if they come near to the bat. Purple bats reside on ceilings holding their wings close to them, this giving them increased height and possibly rendering them impervious to all damage.

When the player approaches a purple bat, it will dive bomb the player: they will dart down at the player, then upon hitting the ground (or failing to hit there target), they will fly back up, slowly, to another part the wall and rest there in the vampire-mimicking form.

It is during there dive bombing state and there state of flying back up that they are vulnerable to damage, a ladder shot into them killing them.


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