This article is about bats from Blast RPG. For bats from other games, please see Bats.

Bat Blast RPG
Attack Biting (-2 HP)
Abilities Flying
Health 10
Points Medium EXP
Game(s) Blast RPG

Bats are enemies in the game Blast RPG.


Bats have a round body the is dark purple. Bats have pink lips with a few pale yellow teeth being visible, a pink egg shaped nose, a black rectangular eyebrows above the bat's eyes.

The eyes of the bat are pale yellow with red slit-like pupils. On either side of the bat is its wings that are tan and rimmed with dark purple. At the bottom of the bat is its pink feet that have three toes that are curved backwards.

Game information

Bats are first found in level one and are a very weak enemy having either seven or eight health and having a attack that does two damage. Bats attack by thrusting forward and biting the knight.

Bats appear in all levels of Blast RPG and are commonly found up in the sky though occasionally they are found near the ground. Sometimes coins are placed near bats and, since the bat has no type, there are no types of weapons that have increased damage on it.


  • When the bat is moving its feet, there seems to be a flicker of a tan beam underneath its feet. It is not known what this is.
  • The bat seems to be based of Zubat from the Pokemon series of video games. Both characters are bats, are coloured purple, both come from an RPG game, and both can bite, (although Zubat only learns Bite from level thirteen to seventeen in Pokemon (game varies)).

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