This article is about a bat from Hot Air Jr. For a bat from other games, please see Bats.

The bat is an enemy in the game Hot Air Jr. It is encountered in the backyard, outside the house in the level select area. This is the only location it can be found throughout the entire game.


The bat has a circular-shaped body, purple wings and long purple claws. It has a mischievous vampire-like mouth. Its body is coloured in light shades of purple.

Game information

When the backyard is first entered, the bat is not in sight. It usually appears after Hot Air Jr is moved in any direction by the fan. The bat has the ability to home in on the player and follow them wherever they go, popping their balloon on contact. Due to its chasing ability, Hot Air Jr is forced to constantly move around, and keep a safe distance from the bat in order to land on a level door. Upon dying from a bat, Hot Air Jr respawns in the backyard from the last entrance he used.