Basic nanobots are a type of enemy nanobot in the game Nanobots.

General appearance

All basic nanobots are small (about the size of the main character) and are coloured distinctly, either red, green, or yellow. The specific description of each basic nanobots' appearance can be found on the pages linked to below.

General game information

Basic nanobots are the most basic type of nanobots in their team. They are quite weak and are introduced early in the game. Basic nanobots are spawned in large numbers in levels, due to them being weak; most of the time all basic nanobots of a wave have to be killed in order for the next wave to come, although rarely the next wave will proceed without all of the small nanobots having to be killed. If this happens, the remaining previous-wave enemies are optional to kill, but may make the level easier. All basic nanobots die with one hit from the respective colour of weapon.

Red nanobots

Main article: Red nanobots

Basic red nanobots are the first enemy encountered. They simply run around and do nothing. The only way they can harm the human piloted nanobot is by touching it. Some can shoot bullets, but they fade relatively quickly.

Green nanobots

Main article: Green nanobots

Green basic nanobots cannot attack the player, and merely follow pre-programmed routes that can collide with the player.

Yellow nanobots

Main article: Yellow nanobots

Basic yellow nanobots require one hit with the yellow, or bomb, weapon. Some of them lay bombs, but not all of them.

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