This article is about guards from Final Ninja. For guards from other games, please see Guards.

Basic cyber guard
Attack Shoots globs of green spheres
Health Two blows
Points Forty
Game(s) Final Ninja, Ninja

Basic cyber guards are a type of enemy guard first encountered in level five of the game Final Ninja.


With a long blue gun in their hands, basic cyber guards dart back and forth, and are often seen together in groups as the levels progress. They are seen wearing black suits and have black hair that spikes out in the opposite direction they are facing. Black sunglasses cover their eyes and they seem to be hunched over as they carry the gun.

Game information


A destroyed basic cyber guard

The blue guns that basic cyber guards carry fire globs of green spheres, while the actual guard is very weak and relatively easy to destroy. Since basic cyber guards lack the ability to aim up, they can easily be killed from ledges.

When Takeshi is in the basic cyber guards' line of sight, they will stop and fire the green spheres continuously. Jumping and firing at them is the best tactic for killing the basic cyber guards, as well as using the ninja rope to move out of their sight if they fire too many orbs.

Unlike S.W.A.T. units, basic cyber guards will not notice Takeshi if he lands and hits them with a ninja star from behind.

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