This article is about barriers from Rubble Trouble series. For barriers from Chisel 2, please see Barriers (Chisel).


A barrier. The same sprite is used in all Rubble Trouble games.

Ability Setting areas where other tools cannot be placed
Game(s) Rubble Trouble, Rubble Trouble Tokyo, Rubble Trouble Moscow

Barriers are tools found in all of the games in the Rubble Trouble series.


Barriers are yellow coloured barriers that appear on the ground in levels. They are used to mark the areas that the demolition crew are working on, usually around buildings. The barriers do not appear in some levels, even though there is a building to be destroyed.

Barriers consist of a black and yellow striped bar between two cylindrical pylon-like objects topped with a blue light. In the levels the barriers do appear in, all the barriers are connected together.

Game information

RTM Barrier

In Rubble Trouble Moscow, it has the faint orange area that symbolized the directly affected area.

Barrier select

The barrier select button

Tools used by the demolition crew cannot be placed in barriers, even if the structure between the barriers is destroyed.

Although ground based tools cannot be planted between the barriers, explosives can be detonated outside and between the barriers. The helicopter can be used between barriers, and the plane will only drop nitroglycerine in areas fenced off with barriers. Barriers appear again in Rubble Trouble Tokyo and Rubble Trouble Moscow, acting the same way as in Rubble Trouble New York, except in some levels they could be used as a tool. In some levels, a metal block with a barrier on it will be placed somewhere.

Upon bringing down to the ground, the barrier(s) will be added to the player's tool toolbar. The player can now place the barriers down anywhere on the ground, although it is best to place them around a building. Barrier blocks appear only on levels which need barriers in place to destroy a building.

Game description

Click to place a barrier.
Barriers stop areas from being placed in an area but also create an area that the air strike tool can target. This area is made more easier to be seen by including an orange area above it.

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