Attack Rebound Chiseler
Abilities Moving towards Chiseler
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Chisel 2

Barricadebots are obstacles in the game Chisel 2.


Barricadebots are shield headed robots that are planted inside the ground, and are on of the few ground placed enemies. Barricadebots have pink eyes with a white mouth, drills on both sides of the robots cheeks, and a shield which covers the robots head.

Checkpoint C2

A rod

Game information

Barricadebots follow Chiseler's every move, and due to this, they cannot be outrun. If Chiseler drills into the top of a barricadebot, he will get thrown back and stunned for a few seconds. Barricadebots can only move between electrical rods, and are prevented from moving out of the range of the rods.

Because of the rods, Chiseler can dig into a planet outside the range of a Rod and not get stopped by a barricadebot. The rods cannot be destroyed, and neither can the barricadebots. Even though a barricadebot can be drilled from underneath, this will not kill them. Barricadebots are quick to move to an area where Chiseler is, and will only move along the inside perimeter of the planet they are in.


  • Barricadebots seem to be used most of the time for protecting endangered species and dig sites.
  • The rods have the same appearance as the checkpoints from Cheese Dreams 2.

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