Barrel shooting rocks
Barrel Shooting Rock Enemy 585 Barrel
Attack Shooting barrels out of its mouth
Game(s) Enemy 585, Nitrome Must Die

Barrel shooting rock are enemies in the game Enemy 585. The barrels the barrel shooting rocks shoot are also seen in the game Nitrome Must Die.


The barrel shooting rock has a pink bow on its head. It is grey/light brown coloured, and barrels come out of an opening on the side of its head. It also has one black eye on the side of its head.

Game information

Enemy 585

It is a female rock (judging from its bow) that shoots barrels out of its mouth. It is usually located in the side of platforms. When ready to attack, it opens its mouth, and fires a barrel out. It cannot be killed, and is the most frequent enemy in the game, with a very deadly attack.

The barrels it shoots can move the switch on switch blocks and kill Enemy 585 on contact, as all hazards and enemies do. The barrels will break if they bounce off a wall too many times, fall into lava/water, or collide against another barrel.

Nitrome Must Die

Main article: Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Barrel

The barrels fired by the rock appear as a weapon in Nitrome Must Die. The weapon allows the player to fire a barrel that will roll down all platforms, breaking when it hits a stone platform or enemy. It is essentially a stronger version of the penguin.


  • The barrels can be mistaken as coconuts, before the player is informed they are barrels.
  • There is a glitch that if the player pauses the game when a barrel shooting rock has a barrel in its mouth, the rock will fire the barrel while the game is paused. This glitch eliminates the barrel that was going to be shot, but not all the barrels.
  • There is a very dangerous glitch in Enemy 585 where the barrels will actually turn invisible, but still be able to hurt Enemy 585.
  • Barrel shooting rocks could be based off of cannons and bullet bills, or giant cannons and banzai bills from the Mario series of games.

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