For the gun in Nitrome Must Die, see Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Banana bomb.
Banana Mutiny
Ammunition Varies
Ability Bouncing
Action Are thrown, bounce; are triggered, explode
Damage High
Game(s) Mutiny, Nitrome Must Die

Bananas are weapons in the game Mutiny. They also appear in the game Nitrome Must Die.


Bananas are yellow and curved. Their explosion looks like any other explosion, although it is bigger than most due to its high damage.

Game information


Bananas are very bouncy weapons. The controls for using it are the same for any other weapon that is thrown. Once the banana is thrown, it will bounce off any surface it touches. The player can click the mouse button to cause the banana to explode at any time, but if the banana bounces for too long, or it stops bouncing, it will explode on its own.

The banana can be thrown quite far, and with its large explosion and damage it can inflict, the weapon can be easily used to damage groups of enemy pirates or single pirates, and often is hard for the weapon to miss its target when made to explode. Detonating a banana right when it touches the ground near an enemy will often propel the enemy very far away.

Nitrome Must Die

Main article: Banana (Nitrome Must Die)

The Banana reappears in Nitrome Must Die, but less bouncy. The controls for it are a bit different but essentially the same: the banana is fired with the firing key, and made to explode when they key is pressed again.

Other appearances

Mutiny description

This weapon is very bouncy. Click and drag the mouse to aim and set the power. Then click your mouse again to make it explode.


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