This article is about crates from Powerup. For crates from other games, please see Crates.

Banana crate
Monster with banana crate.
Ability Calms a caged monster
Game(s) Powerup

The banana crate makes its first and only appearance in level 14 of Powerup.


A bunch of bananas can be seen in between the opening gaps of the crate. It has a banana sign on its structure. The crate itself is light brown and is made up of many planks of wood attached to each other. It has an oval-shaped handle on the side.

Game Information

It is thought the banana crate plays a similar role to the wooden blocks frequently seen throughout the game, since in the only level it is seen in, all open paths with it are too small to allow the banana crate to pass through. The only known ability of the banana crate is seen when placed next to a caged monster.

If the two make contact with each other, the monster will stop moving around as it normally would without the banana crate. Players can use this to help create a stable structure with a caged monster present. The monster will presumably begin eating the bananas, despite them not appearing in the animation. It is still a possibility that it is only the smell of bananas that is required to calm down the caged monster.

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