This article is about chains from Hot Air series. For chains from other games, please see Chains.

Balls on chains are enemies that have appeared in Hot Air 1 and Hot Air 2. Balls on chains generally appear as a head on a chain. There are two kinds: small balls on chains and big ball on chain.

Small balls on chains

Small balls on chains are enemies that appear in the Hot Air series. They are the most common type of ball on chain.


Small balls on chains have three forms, one that consist of a single chain with a single head, another which consists of two chains linked together and two heads on either end. The third variation has four chains linked together, having a vertical pair and horizontal pair of small balls on chains. The appearance of a single ball on chain is a chain with a grey face and eyes, eyebrows in the shape of a V, and an open mouth with its teeth visible.

Game information

Hot Air series

Small balls on chains rotate clockwise. In the level they are encountered in, the player has to move in sync with them. Most levels have several small balls on chains, or sometimes two of it variations. Small balls on chains move at a medium pace.


Small balls on chains have three variations: the single chain variation, double chain variation, and quadruple chain variation.

Mega Mash

A single chains of a ball on chain was meant to appear in the game, but was cut. The hazard was seen in a preview of Mega Mash, and despite being cut from the game, its sprite still remains in the game's files. From its chain like appearance, the ball on chain was most likely going to be a chain.

Big ball on chain

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