This article is about balloons from Powerup. For balloons from other games, please see Balloons.

Ability Floats upward
Game(s) Powerup

Balloons, commonly known to the game as balloon blocks, are interactive objects that make their first appearance in level 15 of the game Powerup.


In general, the balloons appear as square-shaped pink balloons. The bottom of the balloon has been tied up to prevent air from escaping.

Game information

When taken out of the chest, balloons have a tendency to move upwards and will do so when let go of, until they hit an above surface that prevents them from moving up any further. Since balloon blocks can be stopped from floating all the way up if there is a lot of weight on top of them, they can be useful for supporting long structures over wide gaps between the transformers.

This is well demonstrated in level fifteen, where players must build a long bridge structure out of magnetic blocks. Since the weight of the blocks would cause the structure in midair to fall, a large number of balloon blocks are given to help keep the structure balanced.

Sticky balloons

In level twenty, a new variation was introduced and commonly used in the rest of the levels of the game. Sticky balloons, as named on the signs, share similar characteristics to honey covered crates as they both have the ability to stick to other surfaces.

Sticky balloons, however, also have the same behaviour as a regular balloon block, as it can continue to float upwards until another surface prevents it from doing so. This can help give players' structures extra support as these blocks can stick to other pieces as well rather than sliding off the structure like the balloon block sometimes does.

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