This article is about ball enemies from Bullethead. For ball enemies from Twin Shot 2, please see Bomb balls.

Ball pods
Ball Pod
Attack Dangerous to the Triclopians
Damage One third health
Health Three blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Ball pods are spherical hazards in the game Bullethead.


Ball pods are brownish, purple pods with a big green optic-sensor in the middle. There are two rows of small green lights, one row above the big green light, and one row below it.

Game information

Ball pods carry three robotic squids, and will appear from the top of the screen and bounce around the level. It will not shoot at the player nor try to crush them, it will just simply bounce around the level. It is very easy to destroy, and when destroyed will release three robotic squids. Once the squids are destroyed, ringed pink aliens emerge from the squid, these aliens being the ball pods' final form.

Although on a few levels is seems as though the ball pod is spawned by a gunship, this is actually the spot where the ball pod enters the level, and has no connection with the gunship.


  • The robotic squids have the same colour scheme as the ball pod.

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