The ball is an enemy that only appears on level fourteen of the game Hot Air Jr, which is a bonus level.



The ball first has red, rosy cheeks on each side of the circular face. It has some shading down at the bottom. It has a small happy face and heavy eyes and eyebrows.


When the ball is rolling, it is very dizzy and has a confused face. It has its tongue sticking out and has a few scratches on its face.

Game information

When the ball first falls out of the tube, it keeps its calm face. When it hits a platform, it gets a confused look on its face and will begin to roll down the slopes of platforms.

When dropped down at a certain speed, it bounces when it hits the floor. Located at the bottom of the level is a pipe, which when entered spawns it back at the top of the level. The ball when dropped rolls down platforms, often rolling down the surface of the platform.

The ball, upon reaching the bottom pipe, will soon spawn back out of the top pipe. The speed at which the ball rolls at makes it difficult to dodge, thus, the player must make use of the alcoves scattered through the level.


  • On March 22, 2012, Nitrome released a preview image of an upcoming game, Hot Air Jr. The preview image was of the ball falling down a slope.