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Bad Iceberg
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Released December 1, 2014
Avatars related to this skin:
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Unlockable avatars in this skin:
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Bad Iceberg is the twentieth site skin released on It was hinted in a Nitrome blog post on November 26th, with a release on December 1st, 2014.


The skin shows a bunch of Nitrome characters fighting a giant vanilla ice cream character.

There is a green boat which the flying man is seen sleeping in while sitting on a chair, the flying man pointing to the giant vanilla ice cream character which the soldier is shooting at. The communications satellite is at the far end of the boat.

Some icebergs are floating in the sea. Gunbrick dude is seen inside his Gunbrick on an iceberg. Another iceberg has a tank, missile pod and three robots attacking the giant vanilla ice cream character, with Billy on top of the character is eating a part of it. One robot is seen being destroyed. Submolok is seen flying in the air and is near Billy.

Multiple doves are flying towards the giant vanilla ice cream character and Radd Bradd is on top of its head, doing his death animation. The Polar bear, who is on a giant snowball, and Green Ninja are both inside the giant vanilla ice cream character's mouth.

The sea in the skin contains some seaweed, a squid half-submerged, and Coil is fully submerged with a frown on its face.


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The image below is an interactive skin. Mouse over anywhere to see the description of that object. Click on it to read more.

A flock of doves from the 8bit Doves seriesGunbrick from the mobile game with the same nameGunbrick dude from the mobile game GunbrickSubmolok from the game with the same nameA soldier from SubmolokThe flying man from the 8bit Doves seriesThe communications satellite from SubmolokA tank from SubmolokA missile pod from SubmolokBilly from Super TreadmillThe red squid from CalamariCoil from the game with the same nameRadd Bradd from Platform PanicThree robots from Platform PanicThe Polar Bear from Roller PolarVanilla from the Bad Ice-cream seriesVanilla from the Bad Ice-cream seriesBad Iceberg skin


Hidden avatar gift

On December 26th 2014, Nitrome hid an avatar gift in the Bad Iceberg skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.

Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.


The skin includes characters that hint future games. These characters are:

  • A green frog inside the mouth of the vanilla ice-cream character. This was revealed to be Green Ninja from the game with the same name.
  • Three gold head robots appear on the right side of the skin, and of these robots one is exploding. These were later revealed to be enemies in Platform Panic.
  • A skateboarder that appears in the top left of the skin. He was later revealed to be Radd Bradd, a playable character in Platform Panic.


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