This article is about axes from Double Edged. For axes from other games, please see Axes.

Axe (DE)
Damage Medium
Belongs to Can pick up:
Enemy soldiers, enemy commanders, Spartans, skeletons
Game Double Edged

The axe is a weapon in the game Double Edged. It is not as widely used as the sword.


The axe appears as a brown stick with a bronze axehead attched to the stick at the top. The axehead is shaped like a wedge and is golden coloured at the blade.

Game information

Until the level the hammer is introduced, the axe is the strongest weapon encountered yet. It can be used by enemy soldiers and commanders, the Spartans (red and black crest) and skeletons. The axe is a precursor to the very strong hammer. When used on an enemy, the axe deals more damage then the sword or dagger, and will knock the enemy unconscious. It can kill some enemies in just one blow.

It cannot be used very fast over again, unlike the sword and dagger. It is not used at all in levels 2-1 to 2-4, and is last encountered in the game being used by a enemy soldier among a bunch of other soldiers encountered in level 3-3, some of whom are wielding a bow and arrow, hammer, and sword.


  • The first enemy soldier encountered on level 1-2, who is holding an axe, says his wife made the axe for him. Although he said his wife made it, it is completely identical to all the other axes encountered in Double Edged.

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