This article is about axes from Beneath The Lighthouse. For axes from other games, please see Axes.

Axes (Beneath The Lighthouse)
Attack Swinging back and forth
Damage 1 heart
Game(s) Beneath The Lighthouse

Axes are hazards in Beneath The Lighthouse.


Axes are supported by two teal chains and one rectangular piece of metal with two bolts that are darker shades of teal. The axes themselves are grey semicircles that are light grey at their rims and grey on their inner parts. 

Game Information

Axes first appear in level 13. Axes move in an arc and will reverse direction upon reaching the end of that arc and their swinging can be adjusted by rotating the screen. To pass them the player has to proceed through them, which can be done by going through an axe when the axe has reached the right side of its movement. Hitting the axe will cost one life.

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