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Awesume Glasses
Ability Allows the right eye to see colour and shoot enemies
Game(s) Colourblind

Awesume Glasses are a special item and interactive object in Colourblind, found only on level 21.


Awesume glasses appear as a grey lens, this lens held in a thick black frame. Notably, there are two white pieces of metal on top of the glasses. When the right eye wears them, the normally grey lens will start to flash into many different colours.

Game information

Obtaining the glasses

In order to obtain the Awesume Glasses, the player must collect all of the 290 coins scattered through the levels. When the player collects them all, they must then click the button that says "AWESUME GLASSES" on the bottom of the level select screen.

When this is done, a cutscene will play, this cutscene showing the right eye running over to the shop where Awesume Glasses are sold. He spends all of his coins and the shopkeeper gives him the glasses. After obtaining the glasses, the right eye quickly runs off to the right of the screen, after now seeing a previously blank sign has the face of the pirate cloud on it.

In game

Even though the right eye purchased the Awesume Glasses, they can only be used on level twenty-one. In this level, the right eye can now be able to see every colour permanently.

Waterfalls still can prevent the right eye from seeing colour, but only when he is directly under a waterfall. The Awesume Glasses also are able to shoot bolts of energy at enemies when the right eye and an enemy are directly looking at each other.


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