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Awesome Ninja is a character in Platform Panic.


Awesome Ninja is a ninja who holds one hand behind his back, grabbing the handle of his sword as he walks and jumps. He has two small white eyes and a dark grey suit. When he dies, he stretches his arms and legs outward as he falls off the screen.

Game information

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Awesome Ninja can be unlocked for 1250 coins.

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Awesome Ninja has the special ability of being able to teleport to the next room, this activated by pressing Down Down on the game's browser version and swiping down in the mobile version. When used, Awesome Ninja will enter a meditating posture and disappear in a flash of white light, appearing at the entrance of the next room.

Once the teleport ability is used, it can only be used again once the player dies or they clear ten rooms. Awesome Ninja's possession of this ability is indicated by a Chinese character that is displayed above his head, this character disappearing when the teleport ability is used and reappearing after ten rooms are cleared or he dies.

Introduced in Update 2, Awesome Ninja's teleport ability can be used to get achievements related to completing rooms.


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Awesome Ninja is possibly based off Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and/or Joe Musashi from Shinobi, though Awesome Ninja may be based of the general concept of ninjas.