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For the game, see Avalanche.
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Released December 1st 2013
Main feature Characters from winter games
Avatars related to this skin:
TSA2 Dr Nastidious

Full avatar-2 Full twinchaostein Full magneboy Full ib-ios-viking Full ib-ios-goat Full ib-ios-troll Full blueprotosuit Full avatar-3 Full smallfrybunch Full avatar-15 Snow drift Lockehorn ava

Unlockable avatars in this skin:
Full gogoufo

Full 45c86bee813

Avalanche is the fifteenth skin released on The skin was released on December 1st 2013 to celebrate the Christmas holiday.


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The skin takes place on a mountain with an avalanche. Several Nitrome characters run away from it. Doctor Nastidious stands on the top of the mountain with his arms outstretched, as if he triggered the avalanche.


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Interactive skin

The image below is an interactive skin. Mouse over anywhere to see the description of that object. Click on it to read more.

Vanilla ice creamBrain from Small FryGoatBlue from the Test Subject seriesLokehornEskimo from the Frost Bite seriesMagneboyTrolls from Icebreaker: A Viking VoyageA green squid from Squids Bad Ice-CreamThe Penguin from AvalancheA Pink AngelA Chicken from IcebreakerAn Arctic birdDoctor NastidiousA Giant white walrusA VikingThe Yeti from Snow DriftAvalanche Background


Hidden avatar gift

On December 20 2013 and December 2 2014, Nitrome hid two avatar gifts in the Avalanche skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.

Penguin 1

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  1. Nitrome blog: - What's Coming on the 1st of December? → Comment:
    Nitrome: Actually the skin was done by Marcus who has been with Nitrome a very long time. It is his first skin he has done though so maybe that accounts for the difference you see.


    The comment

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