Snow avalanche
Attack Chasing the penguin
Damage Death
Game(s) Avalanche

The avalanche is the main hazard in the game Avalanche, that appears on every level.


The avalanche appears as a mass amount of snow going downwards, with an outside look of a rectangle below another rectangle moving diagonally downwards.

Game information

In Avalanche, the purpose of the game is to reach the end of the level without being caught in and killed by the avalanche (the avalanche is the only object in the game that can kill the player). At the beginning of every level, the avalanche starts close behind the player, and immediately begins charging forward, forcing the player to control the penguin forward over the hills. It will continue going forward for the entire game, and in some levels, the rate ate which it approaches speeds up and slows down as the player does so. If the penguin is caught too far into the avalanche, it will die and the player will have to restart the level.

In the map, it is represented as a giant white line, covering all the areas it reaches.

The penguin has to escape from it so that it can feed its babies.


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