1379-1445960046-winch large a
A gif showing the auto-winch
Ability Automatically rotates the level
Game(s) Beneath The Lighthouse

The auto-winch[1] is a hazard and interactive object in Beneath The Lighthouse.


The auto-winch has no physical appearance, but it is best recognized, when the squares in the green circle surrounding the level begin to glow red and white when the player turns the board.

Game information

The auto-winch is introduced in level 26. When the room is rotated, red and white lights begin to glow. When the player releases his/her finger, the room will rotate automatically to its starting position. Levels with the auto-winch usually contains spikes which will pop up when the player selects the screen and recede when the player ceases interaction with the screen. This feature prevents player from turning the screen while the boy is passing pressure-sensitive spikes. If the player tries to rotate the room while the auto-winch is rotating the room, the boy will die. Some levels requires that the player rotate the room more than once.


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