This article is about asteroids from Mega Mash. For asteroids from Rockitty, please see Asteroids (Rockitty).

Attack Dangerous
Damage One heart
Health Three hits
Game(s) Xolstar 3

Asteroids are hazards in Xolstar 3 levels of Mega Mash.


Asteroids appear as brown cracked rocks which rotate around. The actual rock is light brown, while the cracks are dark brown. When an asteroid is shot, the cracks will widen until small light brown pieces of the asteroid will drift away into space. These pieces will disappear with another shot.

Game information

Asteroids are encountered in Xolstar 3 levels in large groups, usually three groups consisting of a line of asteroids. Asteroids can be easily destroyed by shooting them three times. When first shot, there will be bigger cracks. When shot a second time, the parts of the asteroid will move farther apart, breaking apart and disappearing when shot a third time.

Asteroids also give points for being destroyed, and move horizontally left all the time, respawning at the right edge of the screen when they pass a special wall. Space jellyfish are commonly encountered taking cover behind asteroids, where they are covered by asteroids everywhere except below them. Although enemy bullets can pass through asteroids, Xolstar's bullets cannot. Asteroids will harm the Xolstar if the asteroid is touched.

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