This article is about arrows from Magneboy. For arrows from other games, please see Arrows.

The dotted red line shows the path of Magneboy's magnetic powers
Ability Changes direction of magnetism
Game(s) Magneboy

Arrows are interactive objects first introduced in level 8 of Magneboy.


The arrows glow fuchsia and take up about one square of the grid background; the head of the arrow is much wider than the end of it. Levels that contain arrows may usually include more than one.

Game information

In order to use an arrow, Magneboy has to be facing towards one. This is because arrows affect Magneboy's magnetic powers and forces them in the direction they are facing. With it, Magneboy can move or grab other blocks that would otherwise be out of reach.

Sometimes, arrows may work against Magneboy. For instance, if Magneboy faces an arrow and it is pointing towards him, he will be sent back to the original block he was on before trying to use the arrow. If he is on a purple or bridge tile and uses the arrow with the head facing towards him, the tile will be pulled out, and Magneboy will fall off screen.


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