Arrow traps
Arrow Traps
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Knight Trap

Arrow traps are traps in the game Knight Trap.


Arrow traps have buttons that appear made only of wood. The icon for arrow traps is a small white coloured arrow.

The arrows activated by the arrow buttons are usual arrows which rotate while moving. A coloured electric trail is seen on the ends of the arrows. There are two types of arrows, arrows with orange trails and arrows with blue trails.

Game information

Arrow traps are one of the more frequently used traps. Although there are two variations of arrows, each having a minor difference in colour, they both have the same function. When an arrow button is activated, an arrow will either come out from the left side of the screen or the right. Arrows move close to the bottom of of the platform the knight is on, so arrows can only be jumped over to avoid.

Arrows are also present in arrow spikes, floors booby-trapped with moving arrows. With arrow spikes, arrows acting like spikes will move up then slowly move back down. The arrows have a bigger and wider spike at the end, unlike the usual arrows which have a smaller spike.

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