Armoured pigs
Health Determined by health bar
Game(s) Fat Cat

Armoured pigs are enemies first seen in level 5 of Fat Cat.


Armoured pigs have two pieces of curved, dark green armor with small pieces extending for the ears and feet; its shining red eyes appear on either side of the snout. The two pieces of armor do not connect in the middle, as the pig's real body is shown with its snout; its body appears orange with a curly strand of black hair.

Game information

Armoured pigs are descend from the top out of the screen's view. When they hit a wall, they explode and disappear from the level. When crashing into a wall, killed by a megaburp or with the owl's bullets, food is usually left in their place.

Armoured pigs typically appear in enclosed areas in a multitude. In the first level they are encountered in, movable blocks are present, allowing the player to destroy them by moving the block into their position. Destroying an armoured pig in this manner does not allow the player to receive food.

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