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This article is about knights from Tiny Castle. For knights from other games, please see Knights.

Armoured knight
Black Knight
Attack Shooting fireballs
Firing large electric blast
Running to the knight
Abilities Making purple glowing boars drop from the ceiling
Health Three blows
Game(s) Tiny Castle

The armoured knight is the final boss of the game Tiny Castle. He is a very large knight that that has no legs, so it has to rely on his hands to move. Its reason for being in the castle is unknown, though it is known that he is responsible for the princess being locked up.


The armoured knight has thick, shiny, blue/black armor covering its whole body. It has a large piece of armor protecting his neck, a large black helmet, and armor covering his shoulders and hands.

Game information


The armoured knight will rampage across the castle a few times in the game, destroying certain structures that prevented the player from advancing foreword in the current design of the castle.

Boss battle

The armoured knight is fought in the last room of the game.


Its first attack is to shoot several small fireballs at the player. Its next attack is to fire a large purple beam straight ahead, and after more fireballs, to make three purple glowing boars fall from the ceiling. Finally, after more fireballs, it will charge at the player.

After every other attack, his head will start to flash and let off smoke. If the player hits the black armoured knight's head three times (only being able to hit it once while it is letting off steam) the black armoured knight will die.



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