Armadilo (Parasite)2
Attack Rolling into the parasite
Abilities Can not be enslaved
Health Three hits (while on an enslaved enemy that can inflict damage)
Points Two hundred
Game(s) Parasite

Armadillos are enemies in the game Parasite.


Armadillos have armour on all parts of their bodies except the tail, head, and feet. Their armour overlaps so it is not penetrable. When armadillos roll up in a ball, all the player can see is their armour.

Game information

Armadillos are mostly found on flat platforms rolling around. They can be jumped over but usually come in twos. They are first encountered on level thirteen of Parasite, and cannot be controlled because of their armour. They can be destroyed by being punched or shot by goo balls.

Armadillos are quite dangerous, for when shot at by goo balls, they do not get pushed back. Once they have caught sight of the parasite, they will roll into a ball and roll into him. If the parasite can creep up to them from behind, it is possible to hit them and destroy them without getting any damage.

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